Why is handcrafted soap better than store bought?

Have you ever noticed popular brands of soap call their products a deodorant or beauty bar?

That's because it's not actually soap!

Commercially produced "soaps" are more like detergents, often made with cheaply sourced synthetic ingredients, lathering agents, preservatives, and even animal byproducts. These can be harsh, drying and irritating to skin, not to mention tough on the environment and animals.

Most commercially-produced soap is created with one goal in mind: to make the company a profit. On the contrary, our goal is to produce an effective, skin-loving soap using high quality, sustainably and responsibly sourced ingredients. ALL of our soaps are plant-based and cruelty free.

We're also actively working to package and ship with more sustainable materials and methods. More to come on that soon! :)



What's in my soap, and what do you mean by "natural"?

All of our soaps contain olive oil, coconut oil and castor oil. Depending on the kind of bar we're creating, they may also contain avocado oil, sweet almond oil, Shea butter, responsibly sourced palm oil, mango butter, cocoa butter, or other natural oils/butters. Please refer to the individual bar listing for specific ingredients.

When sourcing ingredients, we extensively research suppliers including the quality of their product, sustainability of their practices, and customer testimonials. Whenever possible, we purchase certified organic, food-grade, sustainable ingredients.

Soap bars tagged "All Natural" are hand crafted with 100% natural ingredients (e.g. activated charcoal, kaolin clays, orange peel powder, natural indigo, poppy seeds, dried botanicals, etc.) and scented using 100% pure essential oils and resins only.

All other bars on our website still promise 95% or more natural ingredients, with the other 5% being fragrance oils.



Ingredient Details

Olive Oil: Gentle on sensitive skin, olive oil is present in ALL of our soap recipes. It's cleansing but mild, nourishing, and moisturizing to skin.

Coconut Oil: Coconut oil is thoroughly cleansing and creates a big, bubbly lather as well as a slightly firmer bar.

Castor Oil: A natural humectant, castor oil draws moisture into your skin. It also contributes to a stable, creamy lather.

Avocado Oil: This add-in contains vitamins A, B, D, and E as well as high levels of fatty acids. It contributes to a medium lather and gentle cleansing.

Shea Butter: This is one of our favorite ingredients - it's been used for centuries! Naturally rich in fatty acids and skin-loving vitamins A, E, & F, Shea butter conditions and hydrates.

Cocoa Butter: Another one of our favorites! Cocoa butter is highly moisturizing and skin-softening. As the firmest butter we use, it helps create a longer lasting bar.

Mango Butter: Pressed from the seed kernel of a tropical evergreen tree, mango butter is a natural emollient. Often used in the beauty industry, mango butter's anti-inflammatory, anti-aging properties are reputed to boost skin elasticity and suppleness.


Usage Recommendations

Be sure to store your soap out of direct contact with water, in a place where it can dry completely between uses. We recommend using a soap dish, and are currently exploring options for convenient purchase on our site!

For bars not currently in use, be sure to store them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight or strong humidity. We recommend use of our products within a year of purchase.



Can I place a custom order? How long do they take?

Send us an email at hello@avajanesoap.com or a message via our Contact Us form, and we'll get working on your request!

Soap takes between 4-6 weeks to fully cure before it's recommended for use. This ensures your bar of soap is gentle and long-lasting. If custom colors or fragrances are requested, extra time may be needed to accommodate your request.



What's your return policy?

If you are unsatisfied with your soaps in any way, please reach out to us at hello@avajanesoap.com within 60 days of delivery. We will make it right!

We quality test all our soaps using two reliable methods before listing them on our site. It can be challenging to purchase scented products online, so we aim to be as specific and detailed as possible in both soap names and/or product descriptions. Please reach out at any time if you have questions about any bar or scent prior to purchasing.